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Initial consultation

We will take a detailed account of your current complaint and past medical history at the first consultation. You will then be examined physically, which usually means undressing to your underwear, so that your total structure, as well as the specific complaint may be observed.

We will then advise you whether osteopathy is likely to help, and give an indication of the expected time span and number of treatment session. We will discuss any risks associated with the proposed treatment and any alternative courses of action that may be applicable.

Treatment sessions

Treatment usually consists of gentle stretching and manipulation of the various joints and muscles of the body. Sometimes a more forcible "High Velocity Thrust" may be employed to ease stiffer joints of the body, but this is always explained beforehand, and only carried out with consent. You may be given exercises, or advised on exercise classes to help your recovery, and in some cases you may be advised to return for a more regular treatment session to maintain your progress.

If your condition is of such a nature as to require further investigation, you will be referred back to your GP or a specialist, or for tests such as MRI scanning as appropriate. We can arrange private MRI scanning if required.