We respect and welcome patients from a range of religious, ethnic and social backgrounds. As a ‘single practitioner’ clinic we cannot offer a female osteopath, but if religion or personal preference requires this, we can recommend alternative clinics with female staff. If English is not your first language you are welcome to ask a friend or relative to accompany you as an interpreter.


Osteopathy relies on the accurate observation and assessment of the whole human frame. As such, patients are usually requested to remove clothing to permit this observation particularly during the initial assessment visit. At subsequent visits we will take care to only ask you to disrobe as far as necessary to permit the treatment to proceed.

If you feel at all ill at ease with the extent to which you are asked to undress, please let us know; we will always respect a request for modesty and can provide a gown, or work within your personal preference. Please feel free to ask a friend or relative to accompany you if desired


We trust that your experiences will fully match your expectations of our communication and professionalism. In the event that you are unhappy about any aspect of our service or your response to treatment, please contact us at your earliest opportunity to discuss your concerns. We welcome contact by phone, letter or email, and we aim to respond to all communication within one working day. If we are unable to resolve your issue we can advise on further courses of action open to you.