Data Protection

As registered data users we take extreme care to protect the data we hold. The practise is ‘paper free’ in regard to patient records and any temporary notes we write are shredded as soon as they are saved electronically. Our software maintains a full audit trail of every interaction and change of details.

All patient data is protected by a series of strong passwords and encryption, and is hosted online by a secure UK medical records company.


We respect patient confidentiality and will never discuss your case or contact any other party without the express consent of the patient unless commanded by a court order.

The nature of our building makes it impossible to fully soundproof the consulting room from the waiting room, but we make strenuous efforts to minimise the risk of breaking confidentiality.

As this is a sole practitioner clinic with the office and consulting room combined, we may be unable to discuss personal details or queries on the telephone if another patient is present. In such cases we will offer to call you back at a convenient time.

To avoid interruptions to a consultation we may not answer the phone in the middle of a session. Routine calls are best made on the hour or half hour, between appointment sessions.